MINECRAFT TANK - Tanking Duck - World of Tanks Animation

Опубліковано 29 бер 2021
What if we made a Minecraft Tank?
This is an animated story of how we crafted a Minecraft Tank! This new tank is based off of some features of a popular game - Minecraft. To build this tank we first had to mine a shaft, fight off zombies and spiders, and find blocks of metal, coal, gold and diamond. Also, we needed to craft a crafting table and a furnace to start the production. Crafting is what this tank’s crew are mostly doing. Tank commander here is Steve. And the tank is built from blocks covered with Diamond armor. It shoots wood, iron, golden or diamond armor and can penetrate anything but Bedrock. Among the biggest enemies of Minecraft tank are Creeper tanks, Mom tank and Dad tank. You can find those tanks in a World of tanks and today we’re gonna find out what would happen if there was a tank battle between them.

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Tanking Duck - is an animated show about tanks, fantasy tanks and rare types of tanks.